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Legendary Music Pioneer Warren "Pete" Moore (The Miracles)

Music Pioneer, Warren “Pete” Moore, has created an invaluable legacy within the industry. The multi-talented musician has composed decades of memorable lyrical content; thus, bestowing upon the world, such treasured hits as “Love Machine,” a classic 1975 hit composed by Pete and fellow Miracle Billy Griffin, which stayed on the Billboard’s Hot 100 for 24 consecutive weeks before reaching #1 on the charts. It was also a smash hit in the United Kingdom, as well as other countries.

As a member of one of Motown’s first and longest standing singing groups, The Miracles, Moore received a star, in 2009, on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in recognition of his immoderate impact on the entertainment industry. Attending the honorary ceremony was Stevie Wonder, who remarked: “Were it not for the Miracles, there would be no Stevie Wonder.” Paul McCartney, lead singer for The Beatles, said that their classy wardrobe image was “inspired by The Miracles” and that “the thought of the group writing their own songs came from The Miracles, who wrote their own music.” Read more in our upcoming issue of Fuzionz Magazine and TV. #Motown #FuzionzMagazineAndTV #TheMiracles

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