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A Talk With Gospel Rap Artist "Tha Corinth"

My interview with Tha Corinth was more than motivating, as he not only gave me an encouraging story, but inspiring thoughts and words to walk away with. The Gospel rap artist was born in East Illinois. He is the oldest of seven children. He was introduced to music at an early age. When he was around six years old, his mother bought him a flute. At that time, he was learning how to read music on his own. Even though school he attended didn’t have a music department, he still had a strong desire for it. The talented artist began to write music and mimic other people’s songs and write his own version. His mother would eventually move away from Illinois, as she was in an abusive relationship. She heard that Minnesota was a good place to raise kids, so they moved there when Tha Corinth was around twelve. In spite of all, he was still into his music. “We didn’t have a TV in our house, so my mother would let us all do something we wanted to do. My brother would pretend to be Prince, my sister would just get up and stand there and I did this rap from the movie “Beach Street” and when I did that rap, that’s when it started. I knew that it was something I wanted to do and my mother told me I had a voice and to keep at it,” he cited.

When Tha Corinth and his family moved to Minnesota that’s when he found more avenues into doing music; to learn how to write it and to do what he needed to do to set myself apart from other people. His dad is a retired musician and his grandmother (his dad’s mother), is a popular gospel singer. He also had uncles who were break dancers and could have made it big, but didn’t keep pursuing it. “I’m very humble and I’m a minister now. I got saved when I was thirty. I gave my life to Christ, at the time, to appease a woman I was with, but not knowing when I gave my life to Christ a seed was going to be watered and it turned me into the man I am today,” explained Tha Corinth.

The musical genius has a brand new company that is taking off in ways he would have never imagined. “God has definitely put so many doors in front of me, I don’t know where to begin. I put out a few CD’s when I did secular music. I almost had a deal with Jermaine Dupree and that deal went downhill. I taught myself the industry in’s and out’s, so that I would know how to treat my own business. I didn’t want to learn how to be rich. I think a lot of people look at the business to be rich, but that’s not the best way to go about it. I wanted to learn about this business to help teach other people to be able to do things that no other CEO in this business can do, to put myself on a platform to do what God would expect me to do for other people. I taught myself the business. I bought book after book, I worked the numbers, I worked the marketing, I worked the promotion, and I watched a whole lot of documentaries. I guess I’m a man after God’s own heart. “God’s word has been so true and so tangible in my life. I’ve heard people say you have to hit rock bottom to find your way up and sometimes we do hit rock bottom. When I hit rock bottom it wasn’t until I put out my first gospel CD, that I gave my life to Christ. I was in a hurtful season at that time. My heart was so broken and when I’m hurting you can expect from Tha Corinth that you’re going to hear about it on a record; my truth. My mother said to me, set yourself apart from these artists. Always write what your feel, even if it hurts, because if it hurts, it’s going to help somebody. I stuck to that script and it works,” the artist explained.

Tha Corinth put out “The Storm Is Over” in 2010 and sold over 2,500 copies. The re-release of “The Storm Is Over” is coming out on April 28th. The Gospel Artist also has a tour coming up, which he is financing on my own. He stated that when he came back to the gospel, he didn’t want to come back with the same identity, he wanted to come back with something where he knew he could help people. "I read Fredrick Douglas’ book. I want to give people the help they need, but not a free ride because no one gave it to me. I want to help artist with the tools and connections that I have, so they’ll be able to set a platform for themselves. I see that the type of music that I’m doing helps people," he explained. You can follow Tha Corinth on Facebook and on Instagram.

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