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**Tune In** "Born Again Virgin" Season 2 To Premiere On TV One on Tuesday, Feb. 9th at 8:3

Born Again Virgin returns to TV One on Tuesday, Feb. 9 at 8:30 p.m. ET, with all new episodes. The popular series depicts, character, Jenna (Danielle Nicolet), a vlogger who decides to become celibate after a course of unsuccessful dates and hook-ups. Throughout the second season, she consistently blogs about her sex-fast. Jenna’s best friend Kelly (Meagan Holder) has launched her own public relations firm, successfully, despite her frustrations. Tara (Eva Marcille) continues to pursue her dream acting gig, but she has to make a decision about the role she wants to be the main focus in her life; her acting career or the leading lady in her new fiancé’s life. Jenna’s neighbor, Donovan (Durrell "Tank" Babbs), realizes that their friendship has potential benefits that could be worthwhile. Jenna's mother comes to visit and brings her own brand of crazy, which is caused by the onset of menopause.

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