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The new dramatic series “Saints & Sinners,” in partnership with Bounce TV and Swirl Films, premiers Sunday, March 6, 2016 on Bounce TV at 9 pm ET/8 pm CT. The series will run for eight weeks. “Saints and Sinners” will be an hour-long drama, centering on the Greater Hope Baptist Church, which is located in the heartbeat of Cypress, Georgia. When a violent murder rocks the community, this church that holds the secrets of the town becomes at-risk of imploding.

On February 23rd, the talented Cast of "Saints & Sinners" participated in a Media Tele-Conference with various media outlets, in reference to the upcoming series. Cast participants included: Vanessa Bell Calloway (Lady Ella), Clifton Powell (Rex Fisher), Keith Robinson (Miles Calloway), and Jasmine Burke (Dr. Christie Johnson). Cast Members not included in the Media Tele-Conference were Richard Lawson (Pastor Evan Johnson), Christian Keyes (Levi), Gloria Reuben, (Pamela Clayborne), J.D. Williams (Jabari), and Afemo Omilami (Detective St. Charles),

Opening Comments by Casts:

Vanessa Bell Calloway: “I am so delighted to be on the conference call. Everyone is in for a treat. The head of the church is my husband and he is murdered. People are finding out who murdered my husband. We have a diverse staff. I am very honored and excited to be a partner with Bounce TV. It is quite a privilege to have been chosen for a leading part. This is a historic undertaken. We have an outstanding staff. There is a lot of drama. It is edgy. It has not been seen before. The network put together a creative team. I am looking forward to the audience. The show is ‘devilishly delicious,’ with a lot of sinning going on.”

Clifton Powell: “I am very excited to be a part of the show. I have played various characters during my career; more of the good guy character than the bad guy. Bounce has been gracious and did not water down my character. I have a crazy, colorful character on the show and I am glad to be on board.”

Keith Robinson: “I am excited to be a part of the show. I am playing as a musician, and I am a musician in real life. Got a little dirt on my character and I am honored to be around such talent.”

Jasmine Burke: “Hello, thank you for the conference call. It’s an honor to be part of this cast. There are great people with talents and skills in the film. This is an interesting rise. Vanessa is my mother and the pastor is my father. Vanessa is the fabulous leader of this show. It is an honor to play her daughter. She is a gracious human being.”

Fuzionz Magazine Writer Sandra Robinson: “I am so honored to be a part of this conference call and so excited about the talents that will be demonstrated in this new drama series. My question is for Jasmine Burke. How did it feel to be selected for a part in this new drama series?”

Jasmine Burke: “It is very exciting. This is my first starting role in the drama series. I have been in other pilot movies that did not make it to the top. It is an amazing ride. I feel really blessed and privileged. The entire ensemble took me in with open arms. To trust me with that character blew my mind. Vanessa took extra time to drop jewels on me. Vanessa is a queen in charge with so much grace. Vanessa is the leader of the set and she sets the tone. Vanessa is very professional and an amazing example of a fearless leader. Everyone bonded. I salute Tye Scott for being the creator of the show.”

Fuzionz Magazine Writer Sandra Robinson: “My question is for Vanessa Bell Calloway. Please describe Lady Ella in three words.”

Vanessa Bell Calloway: “(1) Ambitious, (2) Manipulative; and (3) Loving.”

Overview with Bounce TV

Ricardo: “Bounce TV is an entertainment company and they will entertain their audience. They will bring something with crime element. They will bring something fresh to grow their brand.”

Closing Remarks by Casts:

Vanessa Bell Calloway: “It is very nice to be part of something where people have a vision. We are capable of holding our own and leading the show. If I am not going to have fun working, I do not want to be there. I am a breast cancer survivor and I cannot be selfish. God has blessed me and that is purpose to play it forward. It was no brainer to help Jasmine. Jasmine is so talented. This drama series is a blessing. Take whatever you are doing and be serious. I am doing what I was paid to do. We are trying to do good entertainment television, just some good drama. Give Bounce a round of applause. This is history in the making. We must encourage people to support this drama series!!”

Clifton Powell: “I have worked together with Vanessa on several things. Vanessa should have a book called “An Actress and A Queen.” The leadership role for Vanessa is long overdue, where Vanessa is number one on the call sheet. She hit the grand slams every day. She set the bar for everyone. She is excellent at what she does. I think the young people will tune in and learn something from the series. This was ground-breaking. I am honored to play the Rex character. It was groundbreaking that the character I played was not watered down.”

Tye Scott: “I feel very blessed and excited. I wanted to be a writer my whole life. This has been a life-long dream to be a benchmark for the first original drama for Bounce TV. This was an amazing story. Also, I want to thank the media outlets.”

(Photo Credits: Front Page Firm)

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