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Exclusive Interview with Christian Author, Jeaninne Stokes

Question: Please tell our viewers about your upbringing, where you are from and who had a major impact on your life.

Answer: “I was born in West Point New York. My father served in the Air Force for approximately twenty years. I moved to Texas at the age of eleven or twelve, and graduated from High School in 1979 in Dallas. I received my undergraduate degree from the University of North Texas and my graduate degree from TCU (Texas Christian University). My Mom and Dad had a major influence on my life. Also, my fifth grade teacher, and the women at my church, while I was in the youth ministry influenced me tremendously. Along with my dad, I was also blessed with two additional father figures in my life - my youth pastor and the senior pastor of my church. For all of these men and women in my life that had such a great impact on me, I am forever grateful. ”

Question: What are your dreams and passions?

Answer: “I am passionate about studying God’s word and teaching others about the word. Also, I am passionate about my calling as a writer and bible-teacher. I started writing as a hobby and in 2002, I started pursuing it professionally. My goal at this point in my life is to write and teach God’s word on a full-time basis. I have learned by personal experience that God will sometimes interrupt your plans, and you have to learn to be open to where he wants to take you next.”

Question: Please share your current profession?

Answer: “I am currently self-employed but my background includes twenty-three years of experience working in higher education. Currently, I write and self-publish my own books and offer coaching services for aspiring Christian writers who are serious about writing for publication. If you are an aspiring Christian writer reading this article and would like to receive writing coaching, please feel free to reach out to me at my email address:”

Question: How did you derive at the title for your book? Also, please inform the

audience if the information in your book is your real life story.

Answer: “The title is: Lessons from the Wilderness: A devotional for aspiring writers beginning the journey to write for publication. It is based on my personal experiences on my journey to write for publication. I parallel Moses and the Israelites’ story when they left Egypt and had to enter the wilderness and deal with the challenges of their journey, and share in devotional format, the lessons I learned on my journey to write for publication.”

Question: What was the hardest part of writing your book?

Answer: “The hardest part of writing my book was staying disciplined to my writing time. I can remember the words of 2 Corinthians 8:11 where it says: ‘Now finish the work, so that your eager willingness to do it may be matched by your completion of it, according to your means.’ This scripture was extremely helpful to remind me when God has given you something to do, he is also expecting you to bring it to completion. So I had to learn to stay disciplined to my writing time, even when distractions occurred.”

Question: What is the message that you want readers to grasp from reading your book?

Answer: “When God calls you to write for publication, you will encounter some challenges along the way. But keep believing in the promise he has given you regarding the book he has placed on your heart to write, and you will get to the promised land of publication, if you don’t give up.”

Question: What date was your book released on the market and how can the public purchase your book?

Answer: “The release date for my book was October of 2015. Customers can purchase my book using the following information:”

Contact Information for Christian Author, Jeaninne Stokes & Websites to Purchase the Book:




Question: Do you have upcoming dates for future book signing events?

Answer: “Please feel free to visit the link on my website for information regarding upcoming events and book signings.”

Question: What did you learn from writing this book?

Answer: “I have learned that when you answer a call from God, you may have to go through a period of preparation before you can enter the new land that awaits you. Sometimes your character has to be developed, and your faith has to be tested, but it’s just God’s way of making sure you are ready for your new land.”

Question: Please name one entity that you felt supported you outside of your family members regarding your book project?

Answer: “My prayer partner has been with me throughout the whole process. I’m very thankful for her.”

Question: Do you have a writer who is a mentor to you?

Answer: “I have a mentor who has written a number of books. She is a successful Christian author and has prayed for and encouraged me during my journey to write for publication. I want to encourage all aspiring writers to have a mentor - someone who has gone before you on the journey of publication, and will pull you along during those tough times, to help you keep going until you reach your goal.”

Question: What advice do you want to share with potential writers?

Answer: “I want to encourage potential writers to purchase my book as they begin their writing journey to serve as a source of inspiration along the way. I want to advise them to start writing and not wait to write, because someone who says they want to write and does not write is not a writer, but a waiter. Also, they should keep a journal to record their

thoughts until they are ready to write for publication. If they need help getting started, they can contact me for writing coaching.”

Question: What do you love the most about your writing career?

Answer: “It gives me an opportunity to do what I love – sharing the word of God through the talents and gifts God has given me as a writer and bible-teacher. I also love the flexibility writing allows me as a wife and mother. I am so grateful for the opportunity to do what God has called me to do, but want aspiring writers to always remember that it may require a sacrifice on their part to do what they love.”

Question: Who is your favorite author, and what is it that impresses you about the author’s work?

Answer: “I enjoy reading the writings of the late Maya Angelou, because she is a good writer and I love the way she shares her stories through her books and her poetry. I also admire the work of Langston Hughes.”

Question: Who designed the covers for your book?

Answer: “I hired a graphic artist and gave him ideas for the book cover and eventually chose the one I have.”

Question: What book are you now reading?

Answer: “I am reading a book called The Cost of Change by Reverend Marcus King and a book called Writing for the soul, by Jerry Jenkins.”

Question: Is there anything else that you would like to share with our reading audience?

Answer: “If God has called you to write, don’t be afraid to begin! What you put down may not be as perfect as you’d like it to be, but at least begin! Also, purchase a copy of my new book if you are an aspiring writer, to provide you with a dose of inspiration during your journey to write for publication, and visit my website at to learn more about the writing coaching services I offer. If God is calling you to write, I can help you begin your journey to write for publication!”

(Photo Credit: Courtesy of Author Jeaninne Stokes)

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