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Dayton Book Expo Featured Authors Promote Healthy Living

On Saturday, April 30, 2016, Dr. Rosalind "Dr. Roz" Jackson, a board certified obstetrician-gynecologist, and Rick Poole, owner of Natural Foods Plus, will discuss how holistic healing, proper diet and regular exercise can improve one's quality of life. Jackson and Poole are the featured authors of the Seventh Annual Dayton Book Expo.

Dr. Jackson is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. "My purpose is to help you feel fabulous so you can do fabulous things. I often meet women who have been told that nothing can be done to alleviate menopausal symptoms," says Dr. Jackson. She encourages her patients to consider mind, body and spirit as it pertains to their health. "What you think and feel have a direct effect on your health. I want women to know that positive thinking is part of co-creating longevity; the ultimate in natural anti-aging."

Dr. Jackson's debut title, Detoxing Your Way to the New You, identifies the top four road blocks that keep women unhealthy and five simple steps to remove bodily toxic waste. The book includes recipes and yoga exercises designed to promote healthy living, healthy eating and living a stress-free life. Valerie J. Lewis Coleman, Dayton Book Expo co-founder and long-time patient of Dr. Roz, says, "I trust Dr. Jackson with my life. She works in conjunction with other specialists to ensure my optimal health. I have recommended her to several friends."

Rick L. Poole is the owner of Natural Foods Plus and co-author of Succeeding Against All Odds. Poole has been a naturalist/vegetarian for more than thirty years. Poole wanted to make a difference after overcoming colon cancer in 1984 without chemotherapy or radiation, as well as watching family and friends suffer from chronic metabolic issues. He educates on how to make better choices regarding diet, exercise and lifestyle while providing a plethora of healthy foods, drinks and supplements in his store.

Poole says, "About 90% of chronic metabolic issues are caused by poor eating choices, habits and beliefs. Change your beliefs [thoughts] and you change your destiny." He contributed Surviving Cancer Twice in Succeeding Against All Odds, an anthology compiled by Sandra Yancey, founder and CEO of eWomenNetwork. Expo co-founder, LaTonya Branham, says, "I am a frequent customer of Natural Foods Plus because the store provides food, books and other products that contribute to better health. My favorite is the Emerald Treasure smoothie which is delicious and nutritious."

Eighty authors have confirmed, from Ohio to North Carolina and as far north as Canada, to autograph titles. Expert panelists will discuss the book industry to aspiring authors and the Kidz Zone is available to children twelve years and younger. Book lovers who want to win official Dayton Book Expo tees, journals and books, can pre-register at This family-friendly event is free and open to the public.

Dayton Book Expo is grateful for the support of its sponsors. These companies have contributed to the success of the annual spring event. Submit inquiries for sponsorships to or call LaTonya Branham at 513.265.9412. The Expo's

current list of sponsors includes:

  • Sinclair Community College

  • Dayton Metro Library

  • Miami Valley Speaks on WCSU 88.9.FM


  • Ceja Publishing

  • Writer's Relief

  • Say What Book Club?

  • My Mobile Mommies

  • Dayton African American Legacy Institute

  • Dayton City Paper

  • Dayton Weekly News

  • iHeart Radio

  • Universal Africana

  • Reader2Leader Foundation

  • Pen of the Writer, LLC

  • 31 Woman, LLC

  • (Photo Credit: Courtesy of Dayton Book Expo)

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