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During a recent media tele-conference, Fuzionz Magazine and TV, along with other media outlets, had the opportunity to interview with the talented cast of Mann & Wife and Roger Bobb, President & CEO of Bobbcat Films, about the hit sitcom’s new television season. With all new episodes, Mann & Wife airs on Tuesdays at 9 pm ET/8 pm CT. The cast includes David Mann (Daniel), Tamela Mann (Toni), JoMarie Payton (Lorrainne Mann, Daniel’s Mother) and Tony Rock (Detective).

“Mann & Wife” Summary: Tyler Perry Alumni – and the real-life husband and wife team, David Mann (Meet The Browns) and Tamela Mann (Madea’s Big Happy Family) star and also serve as Executive Producers of “Mann & Wife.” These two popular stars play newlyweds, Daniel and Toni Mann. They meet through a dating service, and get married and move their families together into David’s house in Atlanta, from Texas, along with his mother. They will laugh and love their way throughout the ups and downs of blending two families together. Tune into the new episodes of “Mann & Wife” on Tuesdays at 9 pm ET/8 pm CT. Bounce TV is the fastest growing African-American network on television stations and corresponding cable carriage.

Remarks by the Cast:

David Mann: “I would like to say thank you to everyone for participating in the tele-conference, to talk about this successful show. The show came about because we wanted to develop other characters. The show started to grow from one episode to another. I play a detective, moving from Texas to Atlanta.”

Tamela Mann: “I prayed going into Season Two for a successful wholesome show. I had great expectations and for it to come to life. I play the character of the wife and I meet my husband through a dating service. I have an exciting role, as a wife and I also become a teacher. I have this wonderful mother-in-law. We have a blended family and I treat my step-kids like they are my biological kids. We have wonderful chemistry on the set. Our 12-hour days on the set are not boring. We have a great people environment, where we grow together and let our gifts and talents shine. We don’t feel like we are working, because we have so much fun with our work. Season Two is better. Some people want shows all about family. It is about family content. If my family cannot be a part of our projects, we are not interested in the work. We want the whole family to sit down and enjoy the show.”

JoMarie Payton: “You can expect from Season Two, to take people on a journey; that will show there are ways you can solve issues, and show you how to get through certain situations in blended families. Blended families are people that have your backs. I love that Bounce TV is all about the family. I am devilish on the show. I love the way Daniel calls me momma. I like the kids. This is the best role for me; I can play any mood (laugh, sad, etc). We have an outstanding cast. I love the chemistry between the Manns. They have a blended family and they make it easy. I love the balance that the couple has on the show. I love how Roger Bobb has the magic touch. He is intellectual and has tact. He is the master of it. The writers are excellent. When you have the right message for viewers, the right crew; it does not take a long time to do a shoot. We have fun on the set.”

Tony Rock: According to JoMarie Payton, Tony’s character is a detective. She indicated, “He has a love/hate relationship. He brings a lot to the show. He can just ride along and he is a very good actor. He is very witty and very quick. He and David can bounce off each other.”

Roger Bobb: “In Season One, we broke all kinds of records. Season Two has a good cast; family story about a blended family. This couple has been married over 28 years. Art imitates life. Family comes first. I work with people I respect and this determines my projects. I am honored to work with such talented people. We want to educate and entertain the audience.”

Fuzionz Magazine Writer Sandra Robinson: “Hello everyone. I am delighted to participate in this tele-conference. I love your sitcoms. My question is for David Mann. What advice do you want to give to potential actors or actresses, who want to get into the film industry?”

Response by David Mann: “Make sure you prepare for it. Do projects in your local theater.”

Response by Tamela Mann: “You have to have tough skin.”

Fuzionz Magazine Writer Sandra Robinson: “My second question is for Tamela Mann. How do you find time to pursue your music career, along with your busy day-to-day schedule?

Response by Tamela Mann: “I try to create dates for my projects and strongly emphasize great time management. Balancing my time is very important.”

Upcoming Projects:

David Mann – Working on a Live DVD Comedy Project & “It’s A Mann’s World” (with his wife).

Tamela Mann – Working on a new album, “One Way” and it drops in September of this year.

JoMarie Payton – Interested in working on another animated show, “Inner-City Kitties” on Bounce TV. Also, Producer said he will be shooting JoMarie for her jazz album.

Closing Remarks by the Cast:

Everyone is so excited. The cast thanked the media outlets for their time and participation in the tele-conference. They appreciated it. They indicated that they want to get the support from the media regarding this new exciting family show. The cast reminded everyone to go to or download the Bounce TV application.

(Photo Credit: Courtesy of Bounce TV/Front Page Firm)

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