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“The Soul of South LA” - Local Entrepreneurs Pave the Way for Change

On Saturday, October 15, 2016, the “Taste of Soul” got off to a great start, with performances from 112, MAJOR, Mike Phillips, and Jasmine Sullivan. Other prominent attendees included Karim Webb (PCF Restaurant Management), along with other special guests. The current climate has shed light on the tough situation in many of America’s cities. That is why community events like the “Taste of Soul” are so very important for communities like South LA.

The “Taste of Soul” is a great opportunity to reward positive changes within the community, as it brings local businesses and families together to uplift the community and foster its growth. Local entrepreneurs and Buffalo Wild Wings franchisees Karim Webb and Edward Barnett, are leading the way in South LA, as they have created a successful method of teaching young diverse workers transferable skills. Through their efforts, Mr. Webb and Mr. Barnett are keeping these young worker off the streets, off government assistance and giving them hope for the future. Both entrepreneurs were also official sponsors of the KJLH BWW stage for the “Taste of Soul.”

“The Taste of Soul is a great opportunity for local businesses and families to come together and celebrate the community. The shared one on one experience helps us all grow and improve,” says Karim.

PCF Restaurant Management was founded by Edward Barnett and Karim Webb. Best friends since

age seven, Edward is a fourteen year veteran of the financial services industry and Karim is a twenty-five year veteran of the restaurant industry. In 2007, each brought individual knowledge to their partnership. Mr. Barnett’s expertise is developing and implementing money management strategies, while Mr. Webb’s expertise is overseeing the development and operations for each restaurant under the PCF umbrella (Buffalo Wild Wings Baldwin Hills, Torrance and Carson with three additional locations in development). Together the two have not only built a successful empire, but have inspired an entire community in the process, with their philanthropic ventures.

One shining example of success includes Deyanco Hardwick (AGM at BWW), who was in charge of the Buffalo Wild Wings tent at the KJLH Stage. He was a foster child of Paul and Amy Blavin after he emancipated himself from his parents and a bad situation. The Blavin’s created a foundation called the Blavin Scholars ( The foundation helps kids in foster care to obtain higher education. Deyanco took advantage of this and received a full ride to University of Michigan thanks to the Blavin Scholars. Now an integral part of BWW in South LA, Deyanco is a shining example of success in South LA.

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(Content: Courtesy of Ralina Shaw PR)

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