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Ed Gordon Hosts a Star-Packed Special, Featuring Interviews with Omari Hardwick, Queen Latifah, Mich

Join Ed Gordon as he hosts a star-packed special, featuring interviews with the biggest African-Americans in movies, television and the comedy world, premiering on Monday, July 17 at 10:00 p.m. (ET), on Bounce. Gordon will interview the stars of the upcoming summer comedy “Girls Trip,”: Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, Regina Hall and Tiffany Haddish. They will discuss their careers and the contributions of black women in Hollywood today.

Queen Latifah on paving the way for others in Hollywood:

It’s people like Jada’s husband Will (Smith) who helped us every step of the way, so it wasn’t just us When Will got in he helped me get in…I’m going to help somebody else get in. It’s not about keeping it all to yourself it’s about passing it on and keeping that door open.”

Jada Pinkett Smith on Black (Acting) talent:

“This year for some reason it’s really been illuminated that given the opportunity we can produce!”

Power’s Omari Hardwick will talk with Gordon about the hit series, the relationship with his wife, and how he has handled fame in the social media era.

Gordon will interview the Super Bowl champion, Michael Strahan, in the set of GMA, discussing his life, the challenges of becoming famous and more.

Gordon will also have a sit down with Cedric the Entertainer and D.L. Hughley and discuss the state of comedy in the age of President Donald Trump and the pros and cons of utilizing material based on the activities of the current administration.

Tune in to Bounce TV and watch Star Studded with Ed Gordon and catch celebrity interviews, celebrity profiles, current event segments and human-interest feature stories.

(Photo Credit/ Content: Courtesy of Bounce TV.)

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