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Ta'Marah Esi's latest single "Last Time Saying Goodbye" drops this week on Apple a

Singer/ Songwriter/ Motivational Speaker, TaMarah Esi has done it again. Her new single is up for release this week on Apple and all digital outlets. The Indiana native previously released "For My Sista's", which included a video, followed by "Get Up", which was a very big hit overseas. The single charted high on the Billboards.

"I’ve experienced many different things, so I choose to use my voice in any way afforded to me, to share my own story of victory and how perspective changes outcomes. Being free from fear allows inner doors to open to outer success. Someone once asked me, Ta’Marah, what is your inspiration in creating music like you do, I only paused for a very brief moment before responding, “You, the people …” said Esi.

For any requests including features, interviews, production, photos, or any otherwise contact and exclusive bookings of Miss Ta'Marah Esi, please send your requests to

Check out Apple and all digital outlets and purchase "Last Time Saying Goodbye".

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