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Motivational Speaker and Change Agent Dorinda Walker Brings “Protected by Purpose” Empowerment Exper

On Friday, April 5, Motivational Speaker and Change Agent, Dorinda Walker, will grace Dallas with her women’s empowerment tour, “Protected By Purpose.” The event will take place at Urban Specialists, 1401 S. Lamar St., Dallas, TX 75215, from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. Named after Walker’s new book, the tour brings together methodical leaders around the country who, like Walker, have inspiring stories of how they positioned themselves to turn their set-backs and circumstances to purpose.

Dallas is the first stop of the nationwide tour. Those featured on the tour will include: Sheryl Brady, pastor of The Potter’s House of North Dallas; Dr. Cortney Baker, gender equality expert and award-winning entrepreneur; Sheena Payne, director of community outreach with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas; Sederrick Raphiel, pastor and creative director with The Design Factory; and Eydie Robinson, author, speaker and transformational coach. Entertainment will be provided by Fayth Jefferson. Admission will include an autographed copy of Walker’s new book, “Protected by Purpose.” The book, published by Timothy and Titus, a Minneapolis-based publisher, details how Dorinda Walker overcame enormous challenges, including the trials of a dysfunctional childhood, domestic abuse and her own struggles mental health issues to becoming an inspirational community change agent and an award-winning business leader.

Tickets to the “Protected By Purpose” Empowerment Experience in Dallas can be purchased at

As Walker’s first book, “Protected By Purpose” gives a dramatic firsthand account of being born into a dysfunctional family, suffering the consequences of her parents’ drug addiction, her father’s battle with AIDS, surviving domestic violence, mental illness and overcoming crippling low self-esteem. She experienced challenges that could stop many in their tracks, but instead it served as the purpose for her success.

“I want people who read this book to see that no matter how bad their life-circumstances are, they still have the power within to change it all,” says “Protected by Purpose” author Dorinda Walker. “My message is about the power of transformation, and through this book I hope to especially inspire those who have lost all hope. I am living proof that you, too, can win.”

From a drug dealer on the streets to a corporate vice president, Dorinda Walker transformed her life and now serves as a role model, mentor and inspiration to all who encounter her thought-provoking messages that challenge the status quo.

“At Timothy and Titus, we’re always on the lookout for business leaders who have incredible and uniquely human stories to tell,” says Scott Petinga, founder of the book’s publisher, Timothy and Titus. “To witness Dorinda’s rise from an oppressive childhood to corporate vice president and then motivational speaker is simply incredible. We knew we had to help get her story out to a larger audience.”

For more information visit: DorindaWalker.Com and

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