On The Grind With Author Angie Christine

Angie Christine is published author of “The Fireman.” She is also the C.E.O. of GrinderZZ 24/7 Magazine & TV. Angie’s ambitious mindset and her strong desire to achieve her goals has been a great reward to her. The New York native is currently living in Las Vegas with her daughters, Briana and Demetria.

In 2016, Angie created her own line of t-shirts, called GrinderZZ 24/7. They represented those who were out there working hard every day and on their grind. To her surprise, the t-shirts did very well and became popular. Angie sold a lot of them and gave some away to friends and family members. As the year passed, I reached out to Angie to become my assistant editor and to interview at awards shows and on red carpets. She agreed.

By the end of 2017, Angie came to me with the vision to start her own magazine. I advised her to follow her dreams and not to be nervous. She immediately started reaching out to various artists for interview requests and received overflows of responses and approvals.

In Jan 2018, GrinderZZ 24/7 Magazine & TV was born. GrinderZZ Magazine and TV is a magazine which highlights individuals/groups who work hard to achieve their goals and live their dreams. Everyone who Angie has interviewed has shown her how much they love and respect their grind.

“They eat, sleep, and drink their passion. I've interviewed a numerous amount of celebrities including: Rapper Special Ed, the rap group JJ Fad, Rapper Positive K, and Actress Angela Gibbs, just to name a few. I’ve, also, conducted interviews with many others who are up and coming in the industry. GrinderZZ has been in print circulation for the past year and a half and I'm so thankful for the experience and the love everyone has shown,” explained Angie.

Now comes The Ultimate Surprise, which is the name of Angie’s future upcoming TV show.

“Three years ago, an excellent idea came to my mind, to start a show that is like no other; a show inspiring enough to bring an atmosphere of unity back to family households. This show is going to be talked about near the water coolers at work and instead of gossiping about each other, people will be talking about the stories on the show that touched their lives. The name of my show is called.... The Ultimate Surprise,” explained Angie.

The show's concept is everyday people surprising family members, friends, and complete strangers. It's called the “Ultimate Surprise”, because these stories will be like no other stories you may have seen before or have been captured on other random kindness shows.

“The “Ultimate Surprise” will keep a box of Kleenex on our audience laps, as the stories we share will be tear jerking, but ones that are tears of joy. Right now, with so many negative life-changing events that are going on in the world, people fear to watch television with their families. On the “Ultimate Surprise” show, we want to bring a more positive insight to households. Actress Angela Gibbs, daughter of Marla Gibbs, will be the co-host of the show. She is delighted and ready to start the process,” Angie told us.

Be on the look out for this uprising superstar. Check her out on IG @angiechristine718 and at www.facebook.com/authorangiechristine.

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