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A 90th Birthday Tribute To The Godfather of Soul, James Brown

James Brown was the hardest-working man in show business. The Godfather of Soul would have turned 90 years old, today. He was, truly, a legend in his own time. The dance and funk music, that he graced us with, was unique and influenced many artists. Brown's career began in the gospel arena. He was a gospel singer in Toccoa, Georgia. In the mid-1950s, he became a lead singer to the Famous Flames, a rhythm and blues group, founded by Bobby Byrd, in which Brown would give us hits such as "Please, Please, Please" and "Try Me". In the 1960s, he gave us hit singles such as "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag", "I Got You (I Feel Good)" and "It's a Man's Man's Man's World". His part in the Civil Rights Movement, also, spoke volumes. When he released his song "Say It Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud," he spoke even greater volumes, especially, within the Black Power Movement. His message was loud. He was telling us to proclaim that we are proud of being black. Today, we pay tribute to the great legend, Mr. James Brown.

Tributes to James Brown:



Godfather of soul James Brown turns 90 on May 3rd, and it’s an absolute pleasure, and I’m honored to be part of the celebration amongst friends and family members of James Brown.

My name is Sharon Brown I Specialize In Love, on the Profile/Virgin record label.

James Brown was introduced to me, by me! Lol! Yes, I mean every word!

James Brown appeared, in Boston, at the Lowe’s Theater for a dynamic performance, during the tender years of my musical journey. I attended and had a great seat right up front, ABLED to see and hear everything. When the show ended, I was so connected to the moment the music and the future of, Sharon Brown and her music, and without a doubt James Brown possessed the blueprint directions to where I believed that I belonged.

As my foggy memories return, I remember following James Brown, and whoever was there to wherever they were headed. It happened to be the hotel, thru the back ways and I’m following. No one seems to notice me, until they all reached the suite door. I used keys and walked. They literally slammed the door on my face! Lol! Immediately, I banged, banged and banged, on the door, “Mr. Brown, please! Just listen to my music! I don’t even have to come inside! Here, take my tape recorder! It’s already cued up! Just press play please! I’m not crazy, I just need help!” The door opens and a man grabs my tape player, slams the door back in my face. I stood there, looking at the hotel door, and I hear James Brown say to his friend, “Hey! Wait a minute, wait a minute, press play. I hear my songs playing! Then the door opened, and there stood The GODFATHER OF SOUL himself, James Brown, looking straight into my face! He begins to speak, telling me, “Girl, you made a bold move showing no fear! You got great music. I’m going to tell you what I can do for you. I want you to fly to, NYC and meet with my folks and management. He also said, “Girl, you know what, you're going to make it! You're really going to make it!”

I looked like a dear in headlights. James Brown said, “You know why you going to make it? I said, “No, Mr. Brown.” He then said to me, with loud soulful meaning, "Cause you a BROWN!"

Sharon Brown I Specialize In Love!

(Wolf) I hurried up and finish my Chores. My Daddy could wup my ass all he wanted, I was not going to miss the Ed Sylvan show. Forever ♥ James Brown! Wolf…

So proud of you SIS and Family ♥

(Daryl Brown) I love and miss my father dearly. I was so honored to be the only child of his to grace the stage with him, playing my guitar, and being a part of the "Soul Generals". My father was amazing in millions of ways, and I'm so happy that the creator chose him to be my father. Happy 90th birthday dad. I will always love you.

(Angela Brown) What can I say, where do I start... Growing up in Brooklyn, on Prospect Place, the entire neighborhood knew my father and James Brown were friends, through Rev. Al Sharpton. When I was 3 years old, my father took me to meet him, and as we moved through the crowd, there he stood. At that moment, I came face to face with my future father n law, and I didn't even know it! As he picked me up and bounced me in his arms, he told my father that I was a pretty little girl. At that moment, my little hand was about to touch his crown of glory, and he quickly put me down. Touching James Brown's hair was a big NO NO! Happy 90th Birthday dad! I love you so much! Thank you for holding me, being friends with my dad, but most importantly, thank you for connecting with my mother n law, Beatrice Ford, and creating my beautiful husband, your son, Daryl Brown.

(Demetria Crandell) Happy Birthday to the wonderful Godfather of Soul. He's the greatest singer, who knew how to do the split, really good. I remember watching and old video of him and Michael Jackson at the B.E.T awards ceremony. I also saw my stepfather, Daryl Brown playing the guitar behind them. James Brown was the best! I love you!

(Angelo Foreman) I will always love the music of James Brown. I was so amazed the very first time when I heard him do over the song, "This is a Man's World' with Opera singer, Luciano Pavarotti. I went crazy! That song and the video really put the icing on the cake. Happy 90th Birthday Mr. Brown. We love and miss you!

(Michael Peek) My favorite song that James Brown sang was, I FEEL GOOD! He was a legend. Everyone tried to copy his style, but they couldn't even come close! He was definitely one of a kind. I think it's so cool that my cousin is his daughter n law. Happy 90th Birthday to the greatest entertainer that ever lived!

(Braylin Brown) I wish my great-grandfather was alive today. I love watching his videos and, also, watching videos of my grandpa, Daryl Brown, playing in his band. My great-grandpa was SUPER COOL! I, also, like watching the different movies he acted in. Happy 90th Birthday great grandpa! I love you!

(Shenoba Kinsey) Hi, I’m Shenoba, CEO of Fuzionz Magazine and TV. Join me, as I pay tribute to the Legendary, James Brown. Known to many, as the Godfather of Soul, James Brown was the hardest working man in show business. Who is James Brown to me? He was a legend in his own time. His funk music and dance was unique and influenced many artists. It made you want to get on up on the good foot and dance. He, also, played a significant part in the Civil Rights Movement. To me, that spoke volumes. And when he released his song Say It Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud, that spoke even greater volumes, especially, in the Black Power Movement. So, on this day, as I pay tribute to the great legend, Mr. James Brown, remember, he had soul and he was super bad. Happy birthday, Mr. Brown!

Briana Edmonds) When you think of “black excellence” you think of the God father, Soul Brother #1, Mr. Dynamite, my grandfather——Mr. James Brown! Not only is he the most sampled musician worldwide, he’s the first to ever do it big; big enough that his message, music & memory will last forever. He will forever be an icon in my eyes. With that being said it’s more than an honor to cherish this moment and keep our extraordinary legacy going. His grind was like no other and inspires me to be the best I can be. Today and everyday we honor you——With that being said, Happy 90th birthday grandpa. You are truly missed ♥️

Love always, your granddaughter, Briana Edmonds.

(Melvin Edmonds Jr.) Coming from a musical background and marrying into one is the best of both worlds.

Briana Edmonds & Melvin Edmonds Jr. built a company representing both sides of our family legacy, The Browns & Edmonds. Our company “Edmonds Music Inc” is an independent record label, artist management company based in Georgia. My late father; Melvin Edmonds Sr., My uncle Kenneth Babyface Edmonds and grandfather in law, James Brown is who makes us grind hard! — @melvinedmondsjr_ @brooklynbabybri

(Photo Credit: Courtesy of Angela and Daryl Brown)

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