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An Interview With Talented Comedian-Actress & Youth Activist, China Doll

China Doll is a comedian-actress, entertainer, and activist who ventured into comedy in probably the most hilarious way – a dare by her bookkeeper to make people laugh at an open mic night as they went out to celebrate her birthday. The rest they say is history, as the standup comedienne has gone on to become a major act in the entertainment industry and has continued to reiterate her, somewhat, dominance with her new video series and seminar.

Born in Philadelphia, China Doll lived in different places as she grew up, including Baltimore, and North Carolina, which probably explains her versatility as an entertainer, drawing inspiration from her diverse experiences. As an entertainer, the comedian has been able to carve a niche for herself with her unique comedy style endearing more people to her art. In line with China Doll’s goal of empowering the youth and making the world a better place, she is looking to introduce corporate America, universities, and other places of employment to her seminar. Titled “Humor in the Work Space,” the seminar will serve as an avenue to teach people to tap into their comedic skills in order to create a happier work space and to be able to incorporate comedy into their PowerPoint presentations.

China Doll, also, just dropped the first episodes of a project she is working on with comedic actor Kevin Hendricks. The show is called “TOOK-N-TOLD YA!” China plays the role on Sis Tolduso, alongside Mr. George, who is played by Keven Hendricks. They give live callers funny advice on how to handle life stresses and people getting on your bad side, while covering current events in the news. Currently, the two are about to release a courtroom series Mr. George’s Family Affair Courtroom Drama and the name speaks for what is about to transpire.

As an activist, China Doll holds a dinner on Christmas Day, at the Marion County Juvenile Detention Center, to spread hope and encouragement to the incarcerated youths that are forgotten, during the season. She has been doing this for eight years and is currently asking for donations and getting things prepared for this year’s edition. The actor is, also, currently working with a community activist Kim Boyd who runs an initiative program called H.O.P.E team “Helping Other Prosper Economically” to come up with a program to combat the high rate of Youth killings, in the city of Indianapolis.

Over the years, China has worked on several projects, including Love Thy Neighbor (Short film), You've Got Some Nerve, BET Comic View, Carolinas on Broadway, and Bud Light Ladies of Laughter. She has also gone on several international and national tours such as Comedy for the United States Military in Korea, Japan, Germany, Amsterdam, and Hawaii as well as other top comedians like Cedrick The Entertainer, D.L. Hugely, Ricky Smiley, Rodney Perry. The renowned comedienne extraordinaire is, also, a host of one of the first internet syndicated radio shows “The Real is Real” (Real Entertainers Are Legit) currently on (3) three days a week on (3) three different stations. For More Information: Contact: FaceBook: China Doll LinkedIn: China Doll Comedy Instagram: the_real_chinadollcoedy TikTok: denisechinawilla Twitter: @REALENTERTAINER Website: (Photo Credit: Provided by Airuk Films & Photography)


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