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Author Kondo Nassor's "The Crime of Being Born Black: Ajamu's Fate on

Indiana native, Earl Resnover aka Kondo Nassor, wrote “The Crime of Being Born Black: Ajamu’s Fate,” in honor of his brother, Gregory. The book is based on some true events and depicts the bittersweet story of two brother’s challenges and the struggles, which they faced early-on in life, and a tragic ending, in which one life is taken and another left to bare the pain.

Resnover spent many years in prison and his brother and friend were giving the death penalty, for a crime they didn’t commit. He tells all in his book, “The Crime of Being Black: Ajamu’s Fate. This true story depicts the hidden truths of his fate, along with his brother and friend’s fate.

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“True Freedom comes from having the true knowledge of OUR History and the taking of OUR rightful positions in life, as Kings & Queens! True Freedom is having the knowledge as to who you are and where you come from….knowing Our-History and sharing it by passing it down from generation-to-generation.”

Author Kondo Nassor

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