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Black Lives from Generation to Generation

Black Lives, from Generation to Generation, is a collaboration of powerful music composed and recorded by an eclectic group of Black men and women in America, Africa and the Caribbean Their objective is to convey a message of what it means to be discriminated against, targeted, profiled, disrespected, unjustly incarcerated and/or dismissively murdered by racists in perceived positions of power. Black Lives is as musically mind-blowing as it is socio-politically soul-searing, bringing into sharp focus awareness of what bigotry begets, while celebrating the resilience and interconnectivity of Black people and their plight down through the centuries.

Black Lives - from Generation to Generation will be available Today, March 25, 2022, as it is being rolled out as a beautifully packaged limited edition double-CD and double LP collectible. The 25 highly respected contributors include Jazz / Funk / Rock / World / Blues stalwarts Reggie Washington, Jean-Paul Bourelly, Jeremy Pelt, Immanuel Wilkins and Marvin Sewell, spoken word artists Terrence “Sub Z” Nicholson, Sharrif Simmons and Kokayi, singers Stephanie McKay, Tutu Puoane and Alicia Hall Moran, and turntablist DJ Grazzhoppa.

(Photo Credit/Content: Courtesy of JL Media PR/Jammin' Colors)


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