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Michael Peek Sr. Speaks Out About His Wrongful Imprisonment

Throughout the course of the years, many people have been locked up for crimes they didn’t commit, and some, within the system, knew they were innocent. Going backward, some were even murdered and lynched. There’s an elephant in the room. So many things have been overlooked. People were failed and their families have suffered.

Meet Michael Peek Sr. For the past twenty-six years the 58-year-old, father and grandfather, has been incarcerated in a Tennessee prison for crimes he didn't commit. Rape and burglary are horrible crimes. Per Mr. Peek, neither his DNA nor his description matched whom they were looking for.

At an early age, Michael and his family lived in Long Island, New York, until his parents decided to move the family back down south. Michael was the jock on the football team, so he had quite a few girls running behind him. “I enjoyed it, a lot,” stated Michael in a recent interview with China Williams of “The Real” Podcast, his, Angela Brown, CEO of GrinderZZ 24/7 Magazine and TV (who, by the way, made this interview possible) and Shenoba Kinsey, CEO of Fuzionz Magazine and TV. As we listened to his story, I must say this is one of the few, most touching and profound stories that I have interviewed on and written about.

Please, keep in mind that Michael attended a predominantly white school so, because of that, he dated a lot of white females and, as stated, by Michael, in the same interview previously mentioned, “The white guys didn't like that at all. They had it in for me, because I was taking all the white chicks at the high school.” This plays a big part in the reason Michael felt he was set up. Michael says he still remembers that day. “It still hurts. I was sitting in the car with my homey, when I was approached by the officers. The entire thing didn't make sense, at all. It was in the news and it really hurt my family. They said the description of the guy who did the rape and burglary was a black male, standing at 5'4. He, also, was a stubby man with a potbelly and hairy knuckles. I stand at 6 ft 5 and I weigh 300 pounds and all muscle. I have no fat at all on my body. The DNA test excluded me and I was still thrown behind bars! Twenty-six years is a long time and I have written documents to show that I'm an innocent man. They had appointed one lawyer, who was blind. The other lawyer, I felt, just ran off with my money, because he didn't help at all.”

Michael stated that the hardest thing that he’s had to deal with, since his incarceration, is knowing that he’s in there for something that he didn’t do. “For twenty-six years, I’ve been locked up for something that I didn’t do, because I chose to date white women… So, the worst thing that I could go through is being locked up for something that I didn’t do and being taken away from my children and my family,” he explained.

So, the BIG question is, Why Is He Still Locked Up? Sometimes, people fail us, the system fails up, but we, as a people, can make a difference. At some point, we have to be our brothers/sisters keeper. One person’s help can make a world of difference for someone else. We don’t have to wait on others, we have to step up and be that light. I applaud Angela Brown for being that light and China Williams for stepping up to hear Michael’s story, and her wanting to make a difference.

When asked how he is holding up, after twenty-six years, by Angela Brown, Michael responded, “I have one answer for that..........GOD ALMIGHTY! If it wasn't for my faith in the Lord, I don't know how I would've made it this far.”

There you have it. I agree with Michael. Having faith in God has brought him thus far.

Michael’s requests and shoutouts during the interview, are as follows:

“I first want to thank you (Angela Brown) for this opportunity to tell my story and hope that it reaches out to the right people. I, also, want to thank China Williams for having me on her podcast show, The Real, and thank you to Shenoba Kinsey, C.E.O of Fuzionz Magazine and TV, for being in my interview and putting my story in her magazine, as well. I, also, want to thank my wife, Angela, for holding the family together, alongside a big thank you to all of the mothers, of my children, my grandchildren, and my beautiful mother, Ms. Mary Catherine Peek. Also, a big shout out to my baby cousin, Authoress Demetria Alexis Crandell, for sending me these beautiful pictures that I have taped up, on my wall. You're truly an amazing artist. With you on my side, cuz (Angela Brown), I know, for a fact, that I'll be a free man, soon. Thank you for everything you've done. God Bless! One love!

If you want to make a difference and would like to reach out to or help Michael Peek, you may write to: Michael Peek at: TDOC #150754, Bledsoe County Correctional Complex, 1045 Horsehead Rd., Pikeville, TN 37367.

(Photo Credit: Courtesy of Michael Peek Sr.)


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